ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) – Siblings Ellie and Jakob Esterowitz are tennis standouts at Wootton high school.

“I think since we grew up together and since we know each other pretty well,” Jakob said. “There’s a lot of team chemistry.”

Ellie agrees and says the best part of playing with her brother, is his impressive serve.

“It’s very relaxed,” Ellie said. “We don’t fight too much. It’s just like fun.”

Ellie is a senior, while Jakob is a junior. They say tennis runs in the family.

“I was four or five, we were playing with my parents at the beach,” Jakob said. “That’s when I first picked up a racket.”

In 2018, as a freshman, Ellie won a doubles state title. The next year, when Jacob was a freshman and Ellie was a sophomore, their coach had an idea.

“I said when your brother comes, I want you guys to play mixed doubles,” current Wootton boys tennis coach, who coached both boys and girls at the time, Nia Chirigos Cresham said.

The idea, was a good one, playing together, Ellie and Jakob won the 2019 mixed doubles state championship.

“I grew up with a lot of these people so they were all there,” Ellie said. “It was just really fun to be the star of the show for a little bit.”

It was a meaningful experience for the siblings.

“On some of the big points, the really long points, once we win and once we win the point and come in for the high five, it always feels really good,” Jakob said.

The Esterowitz siblings won the state title, after falling in the regional tournament.

“They were ready for the challenge and both of them are very good leaders,” Chirigos Cresham said. “Very strong personalities, they’re just great kids.”

Now, Ellie and Jakob are hoping to pass the tradition of tennis on to the next generation of the Esterowitz family.

“I hope that I get to play with my kids and you know continue playing with my cousins and my parents and all that,” Ellie said.

Next year, Ellie will play tennis at Haverford college, where she’ll major in philosophy (pre-law). She is the Wootton SGA president and hopes to one day enter a career in public service.

“It’s been like three generations of tennis and college tennis and hopefully it keeps going,” Jakob said.

Jakob is currently looking into colleges, but plans to play tennis collegiately too.