WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — When most people hear Dave Martinez’s name, they think of him as the manager who was able to bring a World Series title to the DMV in 2019. The job he did to get the Nationals a title was tremendous.

But Davey is just as committed with his work off the field.

Martinez started Davey’s dugout, giving an opportunity for people of Hispanic heritage to experience going to a major league baseball game. Something Martinez started doing in the 90s when he was a player.

“I started it because for my family, my dad, and my mom. Because of what they did to help me understand what it is to give back”, said Martinez. “My dad worked two job and I always remembered him taking the time out to take me to a baseball game. So I wanted to help underprivileged children, families be able to enjoy themselves, unwind a little bit and bring them to a game a let them enjoy it”.

Martinez hosted the final edition of Davey’s Dugout for the season Wednesday at Nationals Park.