LOS ANGELES Ca (DC News Now) — It’s been a crazy week for Nationals outfielder Juan Soto. After details of his contract offer from the team were released, he’s now the subject of trade rumors. All while trying to enjoy himself in Los Angeles during All-Star Weekend.

“I’m a lone survivor”, Soto said Monday night after defeating Seattle outfielder Julio Rodriguez in the Home Run Derby. “I have been going through all this stuff. And I’m still here standing up with my chin up all the time. And that shows you I can go through anything.”

Soto has been nothing but professional throughout the entire process, and has just gone about his business.

Even with all the distractions, he says he’ll continue to do his work the rest of the season.

“Like I said, I just tell my agent do whatever he needs to do. All the conversations that they (Nationals) have, they are going to have with him. I am just going to be here to play baseball. I am just going to go to Nationals Park and give my 100 percent every day.”