WASHINGTON (WDVM) – The 2021 Major League Baseball season has brought back normalcy to Nationals Park and the league, but not for one fan.

Washington Nationals super fan Ted Peters, who is well known as “Captain Obvious,” attended opening day, but contracted COVID-19 just days later. In April, Peters was faced with a severe case of COVID, that lasted for months.

“I was so close to death that this thing almost took me,” Peters told WDVM.

Peters spent months in the hospital and needed a ventilator to breath. His family was unable to visit him.

“People, when they get that sick and go on a ventilator, a lot of them don’t survive,” Ted’s father Pete Peters said. “14 people went in with COVID when he went in, 13 did not make it. He’s the only that made it and when he left, they all gave him a round of applause and said that’s the miracle cure right there.”

On Friday, the Captain, defied the odds, finally returning to Nats Park. Fans excitedly welcomed Peters back to the ball park, while the Nationals in-game broadcast gave him a shoutout on the jumbotron and presented him with an autographed baseball.

Much like the 2019 World Series champion Washington Nationals, Peters stayed in the fight, and won it.

“I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t eat on my on my own,” Peters said. “In the back of my brain, this was always, I need to get back. What I didn’t get is a chance to say goodbye when I left and that’s no way to leave.”

Peters tells WDVM he is here to stay, planning to attend the last six home games of the season. He also has a message for all fans and others.

“If it’s me, giving inspiration to somebody else or somebody else’s family or father or grandfather to take precautions not to get this thing that could easily take your life,” Peters said. “Then I’ll pick up the mantel and carry it.”

Back in his home away from home, Peters is quickly making up for lost time.

“This is just another step in the process of healing,” Peters said. “It just seems normal, like this is the way it should be.”