RESTON, Va. (DC News Now) — The South Lakes Seahawks come into the 2022 high school football season looking to improve from last year.

It sounds cliché, but last season was the team’s first year in the Concorde District. A whole new schedule compared to what they are use to, and the Seahawks turned some heads, going 3-2 in the district.

This year, now being familiar with their schedule and playing in the Concorde, South Lakes is ready to build off of last season’s 6-6 record.

“Every single one of these teams in our district, we might see in the playoffs,” said senior linebacker Cody Weitzman. “They are all good teams, and last year, it really taught us to ramp things up in practice and practice like you play.”

“We know the gauntlet that we got to go through in the Concorde,” said head coach Jason Hescock. “We understand that level of competition. I don’t think anyone is going to catch us by surprise, and I don’t we are going to catch anyone else by surprise. That’s the beauty of the Concorde. Everyone knows what you got, and everyone is gunning for it. Any team in the Concorde can beat any team on any given day.”

South Lakes opens up the 2022 season on the road against Robinson on August 26.