ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) – Richard Montgomery is entering its first official full season under head coach Randy Thompson. Last year, Thompson took over for Josh Klotz, who is now the head coach at Damascus.

“Continuing to build on what the people that were here when I first came in and the people that just left last year,” Richard Montgomery senior offensive and defensive tackle Andrew Brown said. “The morals and everything that was built in by Coach Klotz and what the coaching staff we had last year along with Coach Thompson was trying to build into us and just hard work and it can’t stop because the second you stop someone else is going to be working harder than you, so you just gotta keep pushing.”

In the Spring, the Rockets battled, but lost to Paint Branch and Quince Orchard, finishing the Spring season 0-2.

“It’s like the same thing, we just gotta work hard, we gotta come together,” Richard Montgomery senior quarterback and cornerback Brady Goyin said. “Losing a year, like once again, we just gotta make it back really. Get back to where we were when Klotz was here and continue moving our good program forward.”

Under Klotz, Richard Montgomery became a playoff contender, Thompson hopes to build on that success and turn the Rockets into a state championship contender.

“We don’t want to change a whole lot,” Thompson said. “We just want to come in and put our system in and continue to grow on what was here before us and continue to push these guys to get better. What we want to do is we want to take that next step. You know we want to get to the 13th game of the year, the 14th game of the year and not 10, 11.”

Richard Montgomery will open its season on Friday, September 3, hosting Urbana.