ASHBURN, Va. (WDVM) – On Wednesday, Head Coach Ron Rivera announced that Terry McLaurin had been voted as a Team Captain. This decision was unanimous, according to the head coach.

“Just to let you guys know, in talking today with some of the captains and team leaders, with Landon [Collins] having gone through surgery and on IR, we had a team captain position open up. The players unanimously asked that [WR] Terry McLaurin be made a team captain.” said Ron Rivera “So, they made him a team captain today. We announced it today after practice, and the guys were very fired up. I’m very happy for Terry. A very well-earned honor.”

This season, McLaurin has caught the ball for 577 yards, off 43 receptions, with two touchdowns to shot for it too. In their last game against the New York Giants, McLaurin snagged seven carries, going for 74 yards; despite the 20-19 loss. Washington will play the Giants, at home, this Sunday at 1:00 PM ET.

“What’s been impressive is, for such a young man and such a young player, to be as mature as he is first and foremost and be the right kind of person that you want to be one of your leaders. He leads by example. A very quiet leader who just goes out and does his job.” said Rivera “But his performance does most certainly speak on the field whether it is practice or game time. I think that is one of the things that impresses his teammates, especially his veteran teammates that all felt unanimously about it. So, like I said, it’s a heck of an honor and just glad to see that he gets the kind of recognition that he deserves.”