ALEXANDRIA, Va. (DC News Now) — A game day staple that is sure to be present in Philadelphia for the big game is the Philly cheesesteak.

Eagles fan Peter Mossaidis, the owner of the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory, has been serving this Philly staple in the DMV since 1993.

“We bring all the authentic ingredients from Philly. Any rolls from Philly are usually pretty good,” said Mossaidis.

As a longtime Eagles fan, and a Philly resident, cooking and cheering on his team go hand in hand. He says one of his favorite memories is when the Eagles played the Chicago Bears in 2017.

“We were playing the double kick that made us advance to the next stage of the playoff. Me and my son…We just tackled each other. It was just a real honest reaction,” he said.

Peter says he’s already received about 20 orders for the big game. He adds that he has his winning recipe ready.

“Once we take [philly cheesestakes] back, we have it in the warmer. You have to put your choice of cheese on to [philly cheesesteak] and we also have cheese wiz. [You] let it melt. Warm up the roll a little bit like that…A bad cheese steak is a bad roll,” he said.

As sweet as the Philly cheesesteak, Eagles fans say a victory will be even sweeter. Peter adds that this will put Philly

“I think [Philly fans] are going to [go] nuts, they deserve it. I think it will put [Philadelphia] on the map even more, Philly is a great city, even though some of the challenges we’re going through. I think everybody is excited, we’re excited to see not only how the city is going to react,” Mossaidis said.