ASHBURN, Va (DC News Now) — The Washington Commanders got their guy. Head coach Ron Rivera introduced new offensive coordinator and assistant head coach Eric Bieniemy to the media Thursday. The former Chiefs offensive coordinator just won his second Super Bowl with Kansas City and what a lot of people are thinking, is why Washington?

“Why not Washington? Look at all the talent. Look at the players that they have…I have no doubt about what they’re building here…I have never ever backed down from a challenge. So, I’m embracing this challenge. I’m fired up, I’m excited” Bieniemy said.

Another hot topic question during Thursday’s press conference was how Bieniemy feels about not being hired as a head coach yet. Right now, he said it’s not in his thought process.

“I’m focusing on being the best coach that I can be today. The rest of everything else will take care of itself starting tomorrow. I live in the moment…I got to be where my feet are. So right now, my feet are planted right here” Bieniemy said.

So, what’s next? The new guy in charge of the offense wants to meet his players and start forming those relationships.

“It’s about sitting down and getting to know the people. And that’s how you get the best out of people. And that’s how you get the best out of players. Now, you may have some success at times, and at times you may not, but it’s not gonna be because I fell short in getting to know [them]” Bieniemy said.

Bieniemy and the Commanders reportedly plan to fill staff positions in the offense in the near future.