ASHBURN, Va. (DC News Now) — It looks like another season will pass where the Washington Commanders still haven’t figured out who their franchise quarterback is. Carson Wentz threw three interceptions in a must-win game against the Cleveland Browns and may finish the season with a 2-5 record. Taylor Henicke lost his magic in December, finishing 0-2-1 and committed too many turnovers in key situations.

Head coach Ron Rivera sees Wentz or Henicke may not be the “guy”, him and his staff now know they need to take a long look at the future of the quarterback position in Washington.

“That’s the one position [quarterback] that we’ve gotta solidify going forward more so than anything else…we’ll get an opportunity to sit down, talk about it and evaluate it as a staff next week once it’s all said and done” Rivera said during his press conference Monday.

As for Wentz, he was supposed to come into Washington and be the answer to the team’s quarterback problem. He ultimately didn’t and Rivera now picks up the pieces.

“Unfortunately, that [bringing in Wentz] didn’t work right now” Rivera said.

With the playoffs out of the picture, the Commanders may look to Sam Howell in Week 18 and see what he has. Though Washington has a bigger issue at the quarterback position, which needs to be solved sooner than later.