WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — If anyone has run across the Rally Captain, you know he’s quite the character.

He’s a season ticket holder who’s been a fan of the Commanders since 1988. While he’s not from the DMV. He bleeds burgundy and gold. “This is what’s it’s all about”, said the Stephen Boyd referring to the first day training camp.

“As my teacher would always tell me, this is the first day of school. Everyone starts out with a 100. So now, can we maintain that 100 grade. Are they going to take their assignment seriously and get an A. Or are they going to mess up and fall in to that B, C, D status, even F”.

But as exciting as it can be to see the team on the field, you can’t ignore the off the field news with Dan Snyder talking to the Oversight Committee Thursday. “As far as the while Dan Snyder thing is concerned. What do they say in the government? That’s beyond my paygrade. I’m a fan”, said Boyd.

When the new Commanders nickname was announced, it was received well by the fans, but if you are a real fan of the team, you’ll stick by the Commanders no matter what. “There’s new pride with all of us here”, said Boyd.

“You know, we have a tradition when were the other name, a winning tradition. It’s faltered, so now we’ve got to get together and bring everyone back.”

Fans of this team certainly believe in second chances, maybe even more. With Carson Wentz coming in as the new guy under center, maybe it’s time to give him a chance. “None of us, and I do mean none of us are mistake free in our lives”, said Boyd.

“We’ve all made mistakes, but how do you bounce back from that mistake, and that’s the real deal. A lot of people have given him a bad name. I can’t go off of what anyone else said, I need to see it for myself.