WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Sports Director Derek Forrest here and I have a quick story to tell.

I first learned of safety Darrick Forrest when he committed to the University of Cincinnati back in 2017.

I immediately reached out to the Bearcats new recruit, not just because there was a new player who committed to the Bearcats, but for more obvious reasons, of sharing the same name (even though the spelling is slightly different).

I immediately got a hold of Darrick on twitter where we instantly made a connection. Darrick Forrest Sr, Darrick’s dad, also reached out. Ironic as well, because my father’s name is Derek Forrest Sr.

Darrick and I started thinking of ways the two could connect and meet in person, but it never happened as I took a new job in Cleveland before I could ever meet Darrick.

After an amazing career at Cincinnati, Darrick entered the draft, and was taken by the Commanders with the 163rd overall pick in 2021. Darrick played in eight games for the Commanders in his rookie season.

As season number two rolled around for Darrick, I took this job job in DC with DC News Now and learned of Darrick playing for Washington.

So here we are, the two finally coming together, as I interviewed Darrick for the first time in this one on one.

Stay Tuned for Gaming with Derek later this week, or is it Gaming with Darrick.