WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Dan Snyder is considering selling the Washington Commanders after a controversy-filled 23 years. He’s also the early favorite to own the team when the Commanders take the field next season.

Bookies.com predicted Snyder has a 33.33% chance of keeping the team.

“The way I see it, until I see he is guilty of all that, he should keep the team,” said Curtis Benson.

But there are those who hope Snyder will sell the Commanders.

“It’s just been time. Ownership, bad decisions,” said Peter Valentine. “I think he tries to be Jerry Jones. A little too much gm’ing instead of owning. I think it’s hurt us more than helped us over the last decade or two.”

Jeff Bezos is a close second on the list at 30.7%. Ted Lerner follows with 13.3%. The Washington Nationals owner is looking to sell his team, as of October. Microsoft co-founder and L.A. Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is the fourth favorite at 10.5%. Surprisingly, media mogul Byron Allen is considered the least-likely person to buy the team at nearly 6.5%.

Meanwhile, some fans are betting on Snyder to remain as owner.

“He’s been with the team, he bought the team,” said Jakayla Washington. “He should keep the team going, keep the tradition alive. Yeah, he should keep it.”

The odds are expected to change as we move along in this process.