ASHBURN, V.a. (DC News Now) – Head coach Ron Rivera had a memorable press conference, to say the least when speaking to the media on Monday after the Commanders’ 21-17 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

A “misery Monday” indeed for the Commanders’ 3rd-year head coach, who has had to answer the same questions week after week, as Washington loses their fourth straight game.

“Missed opportunities. I mean, we played well enough to win, we just didn’t play consistent. You know, you have a couple of lows, you give up a couple of big plays and then you miss a couple opportunities. I mean, I know I’ve said that before, but that’s the truth.”

The Commanders now fall to 1-4 on the season, well behind everyone else in the NFC East. The Philadelphia Eagles lead the division at 5-0 while the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants sit at 4-1.

Ron Rivera addresses the media after Sunday’s 21-17 loss to the Tennesee Titans.

A reporter from the Washington Times, Matthew Peres, asked coach Rivera on Monday – “Why do you think the other teams in the division are farther ahead at this point?”

Rivera had a simple answer – “Quarterback.”

Yikes — but wait, there’s more.

“The truth is that this is a quarterback-driven league and if you look at the teams that have been able to sustain success, they’ve been able to build it around a specific quarterback.”

Wait — so does head coach Ron Rivera blame or even have regrets about choosing Carson Wentz as a quarterback? Short answer, no.

“I got no regrets about that quarterback. I think our quarterback has done some good things. There’s been a couple games that he struggled, but you look at his numbers from yesterday and his numbers he’s had throughout the year, there are times he was very solid. We had the unfortunate Philadelphia game, and he struggled a little bit in the Dallas game. But the way he performed yesterday, and it just shows you what he’s capable of, and we chose him because we believe in him. We chose him because we looked at what we felt were things that pointed towards him.”

In conclusion — despite frustrations on losing four straight games, Rivera DOES back up his quarterback. On top of battling injuries, the Commanders have had three different quarterbacks since Rivera took over the team, an obstacle to overcome, but certainly not impossible. Especially, when you compare the state of each NFC East team from three years ago until now.