ASHBURN, V.a. (DC News Now) – As the Washington Commanders go off into their bye week, head coach Ron Rivera spoke to the media on Monday to discuss the team’s first game against New York Giants. After watching Sunday’s tape against the Giants, Rivera said he’s optimistic.

“I thought that…92-yard drive…at the end of the game to score the touchdown kind of shows what we can do. I think…some of the stuff that we…left out on the field shows how close we are” Rivera said in Monday’s press conference.

Rivera also mentioned the missed opportunities on offense and defense.

“Whether it’s the throw [that] was missed or…the route could have been better, or we just didn’t have enough time with the protection. Those are all things that we have to work on” Rivera said.

After the bye week, Washington will host the Giants on December 18th on Sunday Night Football.

“I think [this] opportunity is awesome. I really do. First of all, it’s just the national stage, it is the big stage…Secondly, it’d be awesome to have a great turnout. I think we’re working towards that we’re trending in that direction. I’m pretty fired up for our guys…They [the Giants] matched us on Sunday…we’re pretty even so it’ll be a fun night” Rivera said.