ASHBURN, Va. (DC News Now) — When Ron Rivera took on the head coaching job in Washington in 2020, there was a plethora of issues with the Burgundy and Gold’s organization. Dan Snyder, sexual assault allegations, a toxic workplace; all left on Rivera’s lap. The longtime head coach held down the fort and kept to his motto, pay attention to what’s important, not interesting.

After another bombshell report about owner Dan Snyder was released by the House Oversight Committee last week, Rivera continues to preach to his players to focus on what’s in front of them, not the distractions.

“I’m trying to tie it into the fact that every time something like this drops or happens, it’s been a plus for our guys because they focus in on what our next task at hand is and that’s, to be the best football team we can be…we’re focused in on what’s important and, and so we’re gonna stay on getting ready for the Giants” Rivera said in Tuesday’s press conference.

Rivera mentioned when he first sat down with Snyder, he made it clear the organization will need his help to change and transform Washington’s culture.

“He [Snyder] said, we have some things that need to be strained out and I believe you’re a guy that can help us…I went in this prepared to do the best I can and hopefully in several years from now when it’s time for me to move on, I left it better than I found it and that’s gonna be my attitude…and hopefully bring a sustainable winning culture to this organization” Rivera said.

The Commanders kick off against the Giants at 8:20 p.m. on Sunday Night Football.