ASHBURN, Va. (DC News Now) — The Washington Commanders sit at the bottom of the NFC East and are tied with the second-worst record in the NFL at 1-3. Only four games into the season, fans are very frustrated. They’re calling for coaches jobs and even declaring the season is over. Head coach Ron Rivera’s response: “I get it.”

“I understand and respect their frustration as fans…especially how proud this organization is. [Expletive] this organization has five championships, are you [expletive] kidding me, I get it. I understand how important it is to win” Rivera said in his press conference Monday.

Washington is on a three-game losing streak, the team hasn’t won a playoff game since 2005 and it hasn’t won a Super Bowl since the 1990’s. Many of the few fans left are at their limit. Rivera emphasized how hard it is to turn around a team, especially with his experience of turning around the 2-14 Carolina Panthers to Super Bowl contenders.

“We’re trying to change…but it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s not going be easy. If anybody thought it’s going to be easy, they’re crazy. You know I honestly tried to get that across last season, but let’s just be realistic about it. I get it, I understand it, and we’re gonna keep playing hard” Rivera said.

Despite the Commanders rough patch, Rivera still has hope his team, staff, and he can turn things around. All Washington can do now is look forward to the Tennessee Titans, get better at its craft and win now.

The Commanders are back in action at home vs. Titans this Sunday at 1 p.m.