ASHBURN, Va. (WDVM) – Speaking with the media on Sunday, after Washington’s 37-3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in their preseason finale, Head Coach Ron Rivera had an idea of how he wanted to build out his final 53-man roster.

“To me it’s always about the offensive, and defensive lines first, and foremost. Once you can settle in on what that number is going to be, and then you just put the rest of the pieces together.” Rivera said on Sunday.

The NFL has added an extra game this year, forcing teams to consider how to structure their rosters for the additional grind involved in Week 17.

“I mean the constant is obviously you have to have your answer at quarterback, and feel very strongly about it.” said Rivera, “But to me the offense, and defensive lines; everything else seems to fall in place after that. As mentioned earlier, with the seventeen game season now, those big guys are really going to grind through it.”

Ideally the Washington Football Team keep 10 offensive lineman this year. They’ve already cut center Jon Toth, as part of early cuts on Monday; but that still leaves 14 other guys to work with. For Rivera, that is a good problem to have.

“In light of the extra game – last year at one point we had 16 total offensive lineman. That’s including the practice squad guys.” said Rivera on Sunday. “So we are not opposed, if we have to keep 10 active, and five or six on practice squad.”

“We would do that, if it’s something that works out, and works with the numbers, we are not opposed to it.”

But outside of the offensive, and defensive lines, roster construction got a little more challenging after Washington’s preseason finale loss. As Rivera explained, more questions than answers.

“There was probably four spots that really were completely open and after watching one more time, two more spots became an even bigger battle,” Rivera said Sunday. “It may change but I’ll say right now at a minimum six spots were impacted.”

The deadline for rosters cuts in the NFL is on Tuesday, August 31st, at 4pm.