WASHINGTON, D.C. (WDVM) – Washington Football coach Ron Rivera says his final cancer treatment is set for this Monday, and said that doctors have been pleased with his progress.

“I met with both doctors this week on Tuesday and Thursday. They both are very positive about the progress I’ve made”, says Rivera.

Back in August, Rivera announced that he would undergo treatment for squamous cell cancer. Those seven weeks of treatment will conclude on Monday.

“I’ve got follow ups, check ups and scans still left to do. What I’ve been told is it’s headed in the right direction.”, says Rivera.

As Washington approaches the bye week, following Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, this gives Ron Rivera a chance to rest and recover, while preparing for a tough stretch of games afterwards.

“The hard part is I get my treatment, I come back, do a couple things, then I have to take a break before practice. When I’m done with you guys and done with my media, I’ll take another break. It’s hard trying to map everything out.”

“The fatigue, really, like I told my wife is having a 300-pound gorilla on my back.”, Rivera adds, as he speaks about looking forward to coaching without treatment. He says it will take three to four weeks after his final treatment, because of recovery period.