MIDDLETOWN, Md. (WDVM) – “I mean, I was the kid that was in like fourth grade, telling my P.E teacher I wanted to play at UConn.” said Saylor Poffenbarger, Class of 2021 UConn commit. “And they looked at me like I had five heads.”

As soon as the early period for National Signing Day began on Wednesday, November 13th, Middetown’s Saylor Poffenbarger put pen to paper, and signed on for the next four years of her life, to play college basketball for the University of Connecticut.

“I was kind of like, I have one day to be proud of myself, I mean- I’ll always be proud of myself.” said Saylor “But then you just have to keep being hungry, cause you can’t settle.”

Saylor didn’t necessarily settle, as opposed to make clear on her choice to play for her hometown team, the Middletown Knights.

“People often are like, you have to go to a private school to go wherever you want. And that was just like one thing I wasn’t going to do.” said Saylor, “I would never go to a private school, I’m a small town girl. I would never leave my town, cause I love the support that Middletown gives. And that’s such a big part of – I feel like my why – my why.”

Under Head Coach Geno Auriemma, Saylor will join a class of commits, that feature former St. John’s grad, Azzi Fudd, No. 5 ranked Caroline Ducharme, and No. 15 ranked Amari DeBerry.

“It’s cool cause we are all friends, and we know each other and it’s not like we’re going – how it used to be. Used to be we all reported to campus and we met each other then.” said Saylor, “I think that is one thing that is special with this group. We all knew each other previously, we’ve all gone to camps together, we’ve all gone to teams together. I’m really excited.”