SHEPHERDSTOWN, W. Va. – Shepherd University sent off it’s football team Friday morning to Big Rapids, MI where the Rams will face Ferris State in the NCAA Division II Semifinals.

Head Coach Ernie McCook addressed the crowd gathered outside of the Shepherd Student Center where the team boarded buses that would take them to Hagerstown Regional Airport.

“Thank you for all of the great support you guys have given us all year long,” said McCook. “We know you’re going to be with us in Michigan. We love you guys. Go Rams!”

WATCH: Rams’ head coach, Ernie McCook, thanks Shepherd fans for their support

“It’s just really incredible to see so many people from the Shepherd community come to support our football program,” said Vice President of Shepherd Athletics, Chauncey Winbush. “We’re really really proud of the team and the effort that they put in all year and this is what comes of it.”

WATCH: Chauncey Winbush speaks to what Shepherd Football means to the community