WASHINGTON (WDVM) – The Sidwell Friends girls basketball team has three guards that are all top recruits in the nation.

“They’re gonna have a great high school career and college career and I think by the time they get to the WNBA, the sky is the limit at that point,” Sidwell Friends girls basketball head coach Tamika Dudley said.

Junior Kiki Rice is the No. 6 overall recruit in the nation according to ESPN in the 2022 class. While, Sophomore Jadyn Donovan ranks No. 11 in 2023 on ESPN and freshman Kendall Dudley is already on ESPN’s list for 2024.

“We have a chance to be really special so if we push each other every day in practice, that’s how we can achieve our full potential,” Rice told WDVM.

Donovan says the group has high expectations for what they accomplish together.

“I say this humbly but I feel like we could be like one of the best teams in the nation,” Donovan said.

Kendall Dudley, who is the daughter of head coach Tamika Dudley, spent last season around the team and is excited to finally be a part of game action.

“We’re all so sophisticated,” Kendall Dudley said. “We know how to play, it’s just there’s a connection. Even when we play, make the right passes most of the time, make the right shots and it’s fun to play with them.”

While all three student athletes have aspirations professionally, they have their sights set winning titles.

“We all want the same goal,” Donovan said. “We all want to win. Of course we want to get our state championship.”

And while the trio will dazzle local sports fans in the short term, their impact has a good chance to reach much further down the road.

“With the direction that women’s sports are going at the professional level, I think that they all have the potential to be there,” Tamika Dudley said. “They all have the work ethic and the humility to keep working to get better.”