Warriors forward Draymond Green has made a name for himself in the NBA for displaying his bold attitude and his ability to disturb and agitate star players from opposing teams.

When one of Green’s greatest adversaries, Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks, appeared to have been snubbed in a jersey swap with Mavericks’ Kyrie Irving after Memphis’s 112–108 win against Dallas on Monday, he could not control his reaction to the awkward moment.

During a recent episode of The Draymond Green Show, Green let the world know exactly how he felt about the eight-time All-Star declining to take Brooks’s jersey with a hysterical laugh and multiple uses of “WOW.”

Irving later provided an explanation to the botched jersey swap, saying he would “probably” get Dillon’s jersey next time but “not this time” after Monday’s loss. Brooks left FedEx Forum with two jerseys in hand, including his own. Brooks, who has earned the nickname “Dillon the Villain,” dispensed some potent trash talk to Irving and Dallas star Luka Dončić earlier this month when the duo missed a previous matchup against Memphis.

While Brooks was thrilled about the Grizzlies’ win and even shared a brief handshake and hug with Irving before the bizarre moment, he likely thought Irving had forgotten about his choice words when the stars were absent.

It certainly appears that Irving did not forget and Green loved every single moment of this.