COLLEGE PARK, M.d. (DC News Now) – Last Thursday, Taulia Tagvailoa had family in town, and together they watched Taulia’s older brother and Miami Dolphins quarterback, Tua play in a Thursday night football game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Tua suffered a major concussion, that resulted in him being carted off the field, and even without the excessive replays shown by the Amazon Prime broadcast, it was tough for Taulia to watch.

On Tuesday, Taulia thanked those who reached out to him providing words of support for his brother.

“Thank you for all the love and support for my brother, he is doing good. I flew out to Florida and saw him. My brother is my heart, someone I look up to, it was hard for me to see that.“

Taulia also said that it was very hard to focus on the Terps’ game that Saturday against Michigan State, he was really worried for his brother and wanted to fly out and be with his family. Then, Tua reached out to his little brother on Friday night and convinced him otherwise.

“Friday night, after our team dinner, he finally called me, and I really just wanted to go there. You know, just spend time with my family and hug them and stuff like that. But he told me that he’s a big fan of ours and he’d rather watch me play on Saturday and win. So after that phone call, I was happy and getting back to my normal routine and stuff again.”