IJAMSVILLE, Md. (WDVM) – On May 7th, 2021; the Urbana Hawks girl’s lacrosse team took the field for their first game of the season, beating Oakdale 13-8, behind a late push. That moment, would serve as the catalyst for the season ahead.

“I knew the girls were good, but you never know until the first game, until you play each other.” said Head Coach Ann Lewis, when asked when she knew her team was going to have a good season.

Despite having to prepare, while also dealing with the consequences, and subsequent protocols from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Urbana Hawks girl’s lacrosse team have exceeded all expectations.

“I honestly think it made us a lot more prepared.” said Emma Regan, when asked how the pandemic has affected the team’s chance to prepare for the season. “We got together a lot more to try and practice individually, and we tried to treasure every moment we had as a team together, which isn’t something we normally do as much.”

A chance to compete during private Fall season leagues gave some of the seniors, and other members of the team a chance to glean into what this season would look like. Currently the Hawks are undefeated heading into the postseason; a result of the work they put in practice, since the start of the spring.

“Team chemistry is above all.” said senior captain Avery Hines, “And I think our leadership this year has been about, it’s not how long you’ve been playing on varsity, it’s how well you’re going to do against the girls who have. And they’ve all shown up, every single one of them.”

“We realized this is the upcoming new crew of Urbana high school, and we’re going to prepare them for further years – while also being – this year – doing good as well.”, said senior captain Natalie Voorhees; who echoes Avery’s statement about the messaging to prepare the younger core for the Hawks.

The Hawks only returned six varsity level players this season, putting them at a disadvantage on paper; in terms of experience. But because of the work they’ve put in during the off-season, and in season workouts; it’s translated both on – and off the field.

“Everyone is such a welcoming group of girls all around.” said Jadelyn Coleman, when describing the state of the team’s chemistry, “We don’t really look at each other as seniors vs. Freshman or juniors vs. Sophomores. It’s just one team, and I think that really shows. And we’ve all come out to be out here, and enjoy each other, and I think it shows because we all really enjoy each other’s company.”

For Head Coach, Ann lewis; this burst of chemistry doesn’t surprise her one bit, since she has seen this from her seniors since they were freshmen.

“I know that the captains welcome the team, but these captains also forget that when they were freshman, they acted like seniors too because they were so confident on the field, and they played so well. So I really think they started a new tradition.”, said Coach Lewis.

Tradition, rebuilt by the old, for the new generation of Hawks; all who are looking to complete their run with a state title.