MIDDLETOWN, Md. (WDVM) – With the seeding for the MPSSAA Spring Sports season coming on June 4th, the Middletown girl’s lacrosse team, and especially their seniors, have one goal in mind

“The drive to win a state championship- that’s all we ever wanted.”, said senior Bailey Broadbent.

The Knights will enter the postseason with a young core, led by six seniors; who have shared ample time together, both on and off the field.

“The amount of time we’ve all spent together.” said senior Brynn Hoffman, “Between rec like I was saying, and club tournaments, and travelling together – and camps and all this stuff. Cause we’ve all kind of had the same dream of playing in college.”

“Even when we’re super annoyed with each other, we can’t stay annoyed at each other.” said senior Rachael Robinson, “We can’t stay mad at each other, cause we’re all just – we’re such a close group, we love each other. These are my sisters out here.”

The seniors have spent time with each other since they were in kindergarten; and have seriously played lacrosse since they joined the club scene in the fifth grade, playing for Renegades in Maryland. This postseason, will serve as a chance for them to redeem their team, and themselves.

“Two years – we lost to South Carroll- in the regional finals. We were worked ever since that.”, said Bailey.

South Carroll would become the eventual 2A state champions in the 2018-2019 season. Fast forward to a shortened 2020-2021 season; the team is 8-0 heading into a competitive playoff bracket. A chance they’re happy to have

“Especially for the seniors, we didn’t get our junior year. And to come out here, and we’re top of the chain, and we have to react to that, its really special that we get to go to playoffs.”, said Rachael.

As the seniors lead Middletown for a potential deep run, Head Coach Tyler White reflects on the season so far – and his time overall with them.

“Its fun to watch.” said Coach White, “And I give them a lot of a freedom, and to watch them just flow and include everybody, is just fantastic. It’s a joy to watch.”

A joy they hope to keep giving their community, as they make a run for the state title.