SEATTLE, WA(WFXR) — There’s no doubt that what Virginia Tech has done this season is special, and the bonds that have formed throughout the team are what helped carry the program here to the Sweet 16 in Seattle… but the friendship between Georgia Amoore and Liz Kitley — well that’s one of a kind.

When you combine a five foot six guard from Australia, with a six foot six center from Greensboro, North Carolina, the result is chemistry that’s hard to match.

“I thought she was quiet and reserved but honestly really caring because when I came here, I was alone, I didn’t know anyone, I was foreign doing all the wrong things and she definitely helped with that,” said Amoore.

“I thought she was crazy. She was one of the first Australians, I thought she was like dancing all the time, loud making jokes, abrupt. Yeah abrupt. But in a good way, I love it,” said Kitley.

This season, thanks to an NIL deal… the duo have put that chemistry on display in a podcast…called the Queens of Cassell.

“It’s cool to let other people see that side of us and we can just talk about whatever. Yeah we talk about basketball, we talk about other stuff, but it’s nice to just let other people get to know us in both aspects,” said Kitley.

Whether it’s in front of a microphone or on the court, their friendship has become a vital part of the Hokies’ journey so far.

“I feel like we’ve both been through some pretty bad, some pretty good times and just knowing that there’s someone there that knows you inside and out…I was over here and had no family, her family let me in, just that connection with not only her but also Ralph, Loretta and Raven, it’s very comforting knowing that on the other side of the world, I still have a whole family.,” said Amoore.

“To be able to do it with my best friend. We just have fun, I guess throughout the whole thing, I don’t know what else I can ask for,” said Kitley.

Win or lose this weekend in Seattle, there’s no doubt that Georgia Amoore and Liz Kitley will have something to talk about on their next podcast.