(WDVM) – RobertAnthony Cruz, second baseman and shortstop for the Biola University Eagles, watched as he was passed by in the 2021 MLB Draft, only to get a phone seconds later.

“About 20 seconds after the Nationals took their last pick that’s when I got the phone call from Mark Baca with the Nationals asking if I wanted to sign,” said Cruz.

Cruz agreed to sign with the Nationals and the next order of business was telling his Dad who was at work at the time.

“Initially I was just going to give him a phone call, because I knew he was probably watching the draft and didn’t see my name get called, so I was like ‘yeah, I should probably call him and let him know.”

Cruz decided that the moment was bigger than just a phone call and decided to surprise his Dad at work and tell him in person.

“I drove down to Lids by my house, bought two Nationals hats, and then I brought the hat to my Dad’s work and that’s when you saw the video.”

The video that was recorded by Cruz’s mom and later posted to his TikTok and went viral.

“I had to give her a little tutorial beforehand, like ‘OK, Mom, hold me in the center of the frame, make sure there’s the little red thing at the top, make sure it’s recording, we got one shot at this.'”

Mrs. Cruz’s video of her son and husband sharing the special moment has been viewed over 14 million times.

“Initially I just wanted to see what my Dad’s reaction would be,” said Cruz. “I wasn’t initially planning on sharing it with the world, but after I got the video I thought this was pretty special so I decided to post it on TikTok but I didn’t expect it to blow up like that.”