STERLING, Va (WDVM) — As the Olympic Games in Tokyo continue for another week, many of our local athletes that have already competed have arrived back in the U.S.

On Monday night, U.S. Olympic Swimmers Phoebe Bacon, Torri Huske, and Michael Andrew touched down at Dulles Airport where they were met with a surprise.

Bacon was the first to make it to baggage claim, and had the biggest crowd, as the teenager was full with tears of joy when seeing her friends and family waiting.

“[I was] just excited to see everyone and be back here home,” said Phoebe Bacon, who placed 5th in the 200-meter backstroke in Tokyo. “There was a lot of emotions going through my head the moment I saw everyone.”

“We are beyond thrilled to finally have her home,” said Phoebe’s mother, Philippa. “I think it has been over a month, and I cleaned her room, and we are ready to feed her, and just have her home, and enjoy her being around.”

About an hour later, Yorktown High School’s Torri Huske made it to baggage claim, and was greeted by her family and friends. Huske brought home a silver medal in the relays.

The last Olympian to land in Dulles was gold medalist Michael Andrew. Andrew was one of the legs on the men’s 4×100 meter medley team.

When asked about Paris 2024, Phoebe didn’t even hesitate. She is only 19-years-old, so she will be back. Her mother even chimed in to say that she will probably start getting ready for Paris tomorrow.

Overall, it was quite the homecoming at Dulles Airport for our local Team USA Olympians.