ASHBURN, Va (WDVM) — The Washington Football Team has officially hit the offseason, as they wrapped up their regular season schedule Sunday, defeating the New York Giants, and finishing 7-10.

The biggest question about this offseason, minus the announcement of the new team name, will be what the team does to improve their quarterback situation.

Last year, the team went out and picked up veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, while having Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen on the roster to serve as his backups. However, Fitzpatrick suffered a hip injury Week 1 and never returned.

This year, the team has Heinicke and Allen once again on the team, and with the uncertainty of Fitzpatrick’s future, Washington will once again be searching for a QB. The question is, will they draft a young QB in the NFL Draft, or will they shop for a veteran QB?

“You got to look at all avenues,” said head coach Ron Rivera. “Then you’ve got to kind of predict and look at ones that intrigue you, and then go from there. He manages the games, he distributes the ball and when needed, makes plays. That’s what you look for. That’s what you got to have.”

“[The] quarterback is the most important position on the field,” said General Manager Martin Mayhew. “He is going to elevate the other players around him, and having a good quarterback helps your defense as well. So, that’s going to be a key decision. It’s something we’ve been talking about for months now and we will get it done.”