ASHBURN, Va. (WDVM) – Despite a 22-13 loss to the New England Patriots for their first pre-season game; QB1 for the Washington Football Team had a strong showing, shooting 5-of-8, for 58 yards, with zero touchdowns or interceptions.

“I think we moved the ball really well.” said Terry McLaurin, “We have a lot of new faces. So, to get out there and move the ball like we did, obviously we want to finish with scoring points and more so than that, just touchdowns. But for our first outing, I think we did a pretty good job moving the ball and executing the way we expect it to go in.”

Terry McLaurin finished his first pre-season outing with two catches, for 25 yards. On a rainy Monday morning in Ashburn, Fitzmagic kept on shining through in key moments; highlighted through his work in two-minute situation drills, and working through the playbook.

“That’s where the veteran savvy comes because depending on what the coverage is, he can start using the playbook to his advantage what certain plays we have in the offense.” said Terry. “I think just the way he’s executing and, and also talking through things like, we got to have a completed pass, but he’s still talking through what if this happens next? What if that happens? Or good job, but keep this in mind. So I think you’re always prepare for the all situations when he’s playing quarterback, which is very nice for everybody.”

The sample size with Fitzpatrick has been small so far; but the veteran quarterback’s personality, and charm have helped a ton with building chemistry with the young team around him.

“As we continue to progress and you see him get more and more comfort with his teammates out there on the field competing, it is what you are hoping for and what you are looking for to see out here.” said Ron Rivera, “As we are practicing. That development and that rapport that he has with the guys on the field with him.”

Washington’s next preseason game is on Friday, at Fedex Field against the Cincinnati Bengals, at 8pm.