WASHINGTON, D.C. (WDVM) – The Washington Wizards will travel to Boston, to take on the Celtics for their game in the play-in tournament. Wizards’ star, Bradley Beal, spoke with the media on Monday, and said his hamstring wasn’t 100 percent yet, and he would have to manage it, in the game against Boston.

“Yeah there wasn’t no setback.” said Bradley Beal, when asked if he would be good to roll against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday. “Which is good, I didn’t injure it any worse than what it was. Obviously there is still – probably won’t be 100 percent. Just a matter of managing it. Play the best that I can.”

Beal scored 25 points in their 115-110 win over the Charlotte Hornets, with 13 of Beal’s 25 points coming in the fourth quarter. He clarified that before the second half, Beal had removed tape attached near his hamstring; which gave him more freedom, and mobility on the court.

Washington Wizards’ Head Coach, Scott Brooks, said Beal had “felt great” in practice, while still undergoing the same work he needs to stay ready.

The Wizards have won 17 out of the last 23 games in their season; entering the postseason ranked in the Top 10, for both offensive, and defensive rating categories; according to StatMuse. Meanwhile, the Celtics have lost 10 out of the last 15 games, leading up to the postseason; barely crawling to a .500 record.

The last time these two teams played, the Celtics squeaked by with a 111-110 win over the Wizards, as Jaylen Brown missed that specific game; opening up a conversation to stopping star players like Bradley Beal, and Russell Westbrook. Jaylen Brown is out for the season with a wrist injury.

“We have to be able to attack the rim.” said Head Coach Scott Brooks, when asked if the Wizards will look to take advantage of Boston’s loose defensive trends. “We’ve got guys that can get to the paint, and we’ve got some shooters that can space out the floor. Our penetrating guards are dynamic, and we want them to get to the bucket.”

“We know that this is a competitive organization.” said Bradley Beal, when asked about his feelings, facing the Boston Celtics. “They’re always there to compete for a championship every year. So we’re looking forward to it. Obviously this isn’t the same – neither team is the same as it was a couple years ago.”

“So, more than anything that we’re just competing we know we’ve had tough times earlier this year and obviously a few years ago, we know how that went down but it’s definitely amazing to be back in a position to where we’re fighting for something else in the playoffs, we’re both fighting for position.” Bradley Beal continued.