COLLEGE PARK, Md. (DC News Now) — Microsoft has been testing ElectionGuard since 2020, in Wisconsin and Idaho.

Soon Microsoft will also test it in College Park, Md.

“The intent is to kind of increase trust, confidence and participation on election outcomes,” said ElectionGuard Director Robert “RC” Carter.

It’s a project under Microsoft’s Democracy Forward Program.

“It prints a confirmation code tied to that ballot, not to the voter, [but] to the ballot and it’s a unique code that will be generated,” Carter said. “When the election results get published, the voters will be able to … take that code home and they’ll see it on the website.”

College Park announced that the technology will be used in its November election, at a council meeting this summer, and this week they’re inviting residents to participate in a mock election to test out the voting equipment.

Part of Microsoft’s goal with the new tool is to keep hackers and other bad actors out of U.S. elections.

“If someone has tried to manipulate those ballots, it’ll become apparent,” Carter said. “My hope is that the next presidential election you’ll see ElectionGuard in a lot more systems.”

The meeting regarding ElectionGuard is scheduled for Wednesday at 7 p.m.