ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — The Arlington County Board voted to move forward with installing speed cameras throughout the county.

Arlington is implementing the cameras in work and school zones as a next step in the county’s Vision Zero action plan, aimed at reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the county.

“The idea that we can keep our community safer, address this behavior, and reduce demand on the police… It’s just a really heartening step for us to be able to take,” said Board Chair Katie Cristol.

Civil citations will be issued to any driver going 10 miles over the speed limit in these zones. The citation will be given after the footage is reviewed by an Arlington County police officer.

“In addition to the system taking several photographs of the vehicle, it gives you a 10-15 second clip of what took place before, and then as the vehicle is traveling through the device,” said Capt. Albert Kim, Arlington County Police Department.

The practice is to ensure that motorists who are speeding in certain situations are not unfairly fined. Drivers will also be able to contest the violations.

“The involvement of an actual officer is really a plus to ensure there aren’t ways the technology is used to entrap and ensnare people and create these revenue traps,” said board member Christian Dorsey.

Motorists caught speeding on camera will receive a $50 fine. The board is considering alternative service options for those who cannot afford the cost.

“There are people for who $50 is a severe problem, and I would love for them to be able to fulfill their obligation to us in a meaningful way that doesn’t jeopardize their security,” said Dorsey.

The county says the project totals an estimated $600,000 per year. The cost covers the purchase of ten cameras, installation and program operations. The Arlington County Police Department says the fines will offset the cost.

Residents can expect the program to begin as soon as cameras and warning signs are installed, beginning in 2023.