WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — An audit from the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission (WMSC) found that Metro isn’t maintaining its tracks properly. It also identified issues with training staff members.

The concern about the tracks comes as more 7000-series trains are returning to service after safety concerns about the cars, themselves.

“Metro is not maintaining a track infrastructure in the yards in accordance with their policies and this introduces operational hazards,” said WMSC Communications Specialist Tiffany Minor.

The audit led to eight findings and two recommendations.

“Since our last audit in 2020, we do recognize that WMATA has made some significant progress,” Minor said. “But the audit does demonstrate that there is work to be done.”

Some of the concerns are about a lack of employees for critical jobs. For instance, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority only has one rail grinder to extend the life of the rails and remove defects to reduce wear and tear on cars.

“Currently, they’re just doing rail grinding at a limited capacity and they’re not really focusing on high priority areas. They’re doing line by line,” Minor said.

And there are only two rail lubricators to ensure trains run smoothly.

“While it’s being maintained, it’s not being maintained to the levels that we think they should be maintained to or that the levels that WMATA policies require,” Minor said.

Other big issues include a lack of supervisory oversight.

“There are silos among like the departments and that kind of leads to some overlapping of responsibilities,” Minor said. “And it leads to a lot of confusion and inconsistencies work processes.”

The WMSC said there are inconsistencies in job training for track workers, too.

“We’re just trying to improve the system one day at a time, working hand in hand with Metro rail as well. As the riders.”

Metro spokesperson Ian Janetta said in a statement: “Metro has received the audit report of our track maintenance and training programs. We appreciate the WMSC’s recognition of Metro’s development of enhanced training for supervisors and managers as a positive practice. We will work to implement corrective actions to address the WMSC’s findings and recommendations without delay.”