(DC News Now) — We’ve all been there — you’re driving on a smooth road one minute, then your car shakes the next when you hit a pothole. Don’t worry — there is something you can do about it.

Below are what you can do in different states to report those pesky holes.

Washington, D.C.

You should report any potholes within the District to the Citywide Call Center, which you can reach by dialing 311.

The District also has a Service Request Center online. The D.C. Department of Transportation (DDOT) asked that residents provide the location of the pothole and the severity of the pothole (“depth, width, number of potholes in one location”) while filing the request.

DDOT said that they repair potholes within three days of a report. If the pothole is still there after that time frame, they said residents can call 311 for an update.


If you encounter a pothole on state-numbered roads in Maryland, you can call the Maryland State Highway Administration toll-free at 1-800-543-2515.

MSHA also has an online form where you can report potholes or any other problems on the roads.


If you encounter a pothole while out and about, you can call the Virginia Department of Transportation at 1-800-367-7623.

You can also head online to fill out a form to report road problems — including potholes.

VDOT said that if the pothole is in a city or town, you should call that location’s public works department.

For those traveling through Arlington County, VDOT said to contact their Department of Environmental Services (which has a form you can fill out online) for any potholes.