GAITHERSBURG, Md. (DC News Now) — A massive sinkhole continues to back up traffic on I-270 and MDOT says it could take weeks for repairs.

Crews are working on the 20 x 30-foot sinkhole by installing a large replacement pipe that caused the sinkhole. Maryland State Highway Administration estimated it could take a few more weeks to fix, but there are alternatives, including public transportation or a detour on Maryland-355. In case you decided to take the detour, the county adjusted traffic flow so you’ll see more green lights heading south on 355 to relieve congestion.

Charlie Gischlar of MDOT SHA said, “We’re still thinking it’s going to be up to a couple of weeks. Maybe a little sooner, but we will be working feverishly once we get all the pipes and materials on the scene, but it is estimated, so we are making progress.”

There are also signs to help guide motorists off the highway to avoid getting stuck in the jam that has been backed up to MD-117.