HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — All of us who drive in the DMV are certainly no strangers to the amount of speeding and red-light cameras across Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. Sometimes, if you don’t live in the state where you get the ticket, you might not be held accountable for it at the MVA. Lawmakers in Maryland are looking to change that.

“If someone comes into Maryland and they drive past a red light camera, they go through a red light that information does not get shared with their home state and so they might be able to get away with not paying that citation,” said Maryland Delegate Alfred Carr for the 18th district. “House Bill 469 would allow Maryland to enter into agreements with other states so that information could be shared.”

He says it starts with accountability.

“The goal to change behavior and get people to drive more safely,” he said.

If red light citations are shared across state lines, that also means Marylander’s tickets from other states will also be reported to the MVA.

“If you’re driving in Virginia and you run a red light or if you’re driving in D.C. and you run a red light and you don’t pay then when it comes time to renew your Maryland registration then you could be asked to pay,” said Carr.

Some Maryland residents are not too happy about that part of the legislation.

“I think that we have enough fines in the state of Marylanders as it is,” said Delrose Jackson.

Carr says the ultimate goal with this legislation is safety.

“The goal is to really close that loophole so that everyone no matter what state your car is registered to everyone is held to that same standard of obeying our traffic laws,” he said.

The bill is still sitting and up for debate in the environment and transportation committee. Lawmakers on that committee will be in charge of what happens next. If passed it become a pilot program across the DMV area.