WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — A large number of 7000-series railcars has been approved to return to passenger service, according to a statement by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

“Metro leaders welcomed the concurrence today of the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission to gradually return all 7000-series railcars to passenger service,” said Metro Board Chair Paul C. Smedberg. “This is a win for customers, and we are grateful to Senators Warner and Kaine for their leadership to reach an agreement that will safely return more 7Ks to service.”

WMATA did not give a date for the return of the railcars to service but said it was working in collaboration with the Silver Line Extension Safety Report to set one in the near future. It is possible that a date will be agreed upon within the week.

Metro hopes that these returning railcars and the Silver Line extension will be able to reduce crowding on the Red Line and aid in rail travel before Thanksgiving.

Since Metro began its industry-leading inspection process in June, 694 rail cars have been inspected more than 72,000 times and have operated safely over 3 million miles.

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority