DERWOOD, Md. (WDVM) — As this winter’s first snowstorm hits the DC region, our travel was impacted due to road conditions, especially in Montgomery County.

Snowplow crews were spread throughout the county to ensure safe, clear roads as many drivers were getting stuck. The county’s Department of Transportation saw a slight decrease in the crew this season due to mild winter conditions. Officials also added that many employees are out sick due to COVID. The average number of drivers ranges anywhere between 375 and 400, but they had about 300 drivers out clearing the roadways this time around. Those plow trucks were first assigned to the major roads to make way for emergency vehicles to get through. Secondary roads, like back roads and residential neighborhoods, will get service once all major roads are taken care of.

“We’re working on the roads and we’re getting to your communities, and we’re working diligently to make sure that the transportation network is safe for travel,” said Richard Dorsey, chief of the division of highway services, MCDOT.

Remember when you see those snowplow trucks, give them a safe distance to clear the roads. DC also reported a shortage of snowplow truck drivers.