NORFOLK, Va. (DC News Now) — There’s driving fast, and then there’s driving 152 mph fast. That’s the speed Virginia State Police (VSP) said someone was going when a trooper clocked the driver in a 55 mph zone.

VSP tweeted a picture of the ticket that the trooper wrote for the driver in Norfolk, indicating the person was going almost 100 mph above the posted limit on part of Interstate 64.

The tweet also said just because temperatures were up didn’t mean that speeds should be. It went on to say that 515 people had died in traffic crashes in Virginia as of Aug. 8 2022 and that many of those wrecks involved speeding.

The tweet ended with #SlowYourSpeed and #drive2savelives.

Virginia State Police began posting speeding tickets on social media awhile ago as a way to make people aware of the trouble with speeding in Virginia and the dangers that come with it.