DMV, (DC NEWS NOW) — Believe it or not summer has come to an end and we are opening up the month of September with cooler temperatures, kicking off the fall season!

Yes… you read that right. September 1st is the first day of Meteorological Fall; But we still have a few weeks until we hit Astronomical Fall. So what’s the difference? Let me explain.

Meteorological Fall is the term that Meteorologists and Climatologists use to determine the seasons. This is based on the annual temperatures cycle. Meteorological Fall occurs in September, October, and November where temperatures are a bit cooler.

In fact, this led to the creation of seasons and they are more closely tied to our monthly calendar than the astronomical seasons.

Astronomical Fall is a bit different then Meteorological Fall is more common to the public. Astronomical Fall is based on the Earth’s tilt on it’s axis. The Earth’s tilt on its axis and the sun’s alignment of over the equator determines the solstices and equinoxes.

The autumnal equinox happens on or around September 22 due to the fact the earth travels around the sun 365.24 days which causes us to have a leap year. Another reason, is because of the Earth’s elliptical shape and orbit around the sun causes the lengths of theses season to vary between 89 to 93 day.

The autumnal equinox official kicks off on September 22, 2022.

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